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Spin the Wheel of Civilization and Win Big with Evony Civilization Celebration Event!

Evony is bringing you some exciting events from March 28th to 30th! Get ready for the Evony Civilization Celebration!

Evony Civilization Celebration
Evony Civilization Celebration

Wheel of Civilization Event

During this event, you can use Noble Coins to spin the wheel and have a chance to win amazing rewards like Civilization Scroll Fragment Chest (Conquest) and Civilization Scroll Fragment Chest (Supremacy). You can get Noble Coins by defeating monsters, gathering resources, or purchasing Wheel of Civilization Packages. Any leftover Noble Coins will be converted to Noble Coin Chests after the event ends.

King’s Scheme Event

During this event, you can purchase General Mementos and redeem them for a specific General or Epic Historic General Token of Common, Rare, or Super quality. In this round of events, you can redeem Charles Martel, John I of Portugal, and Kusunoki Masashige. In the next round of events, you can redeem Nero, George Dewey, and Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

Don’t miss out on the Strategic Stockpile Event, where you can get rewards from purchasing Basic Gems daily! This event resets daily, so make sure to claim your rewards in time.

For even more rewards, join the Golden Refining Event! Complete daily quests to earn great prizes. Remember, this event also resets daily, so don’t forget to claim your rewards.

If you’re into perfumes, you’ll love the Fragrance Event! Use perfume to complete quests and get rare items. Just make sure to use up your event items within 3 days after the event ends.

Lastly, participate in the Consuming Return Event, where you can earn awesome rewards by consuming a certain amount of Gold and Speedups. This event is short-term, so make sure to take advantage of it while you can!

Hope you enjoy these events!


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