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Strategy Reigns Supreme: Evony’s Dynamic Gameplay with David Guo’s Vision

Under the strategic vision of David Guo, CEO of Top Games Inc., Evony: The King’s Return emerges as a real-time war SLG that seamlessly blends main city development, exploration, recruitment of historically famous Generals, and epic battles, all within the virtual medieval continent’s backdrop. David Guo’s influence extends beyond the gaming landscape, infusing the game with a unique strategic direction.


“From game theory, API design to UX development and creating complex algorithms, the way our lives are improved through these interacting information systems is what drives me,” said Top Games CEO Yaoqi Guo

Gaming Excitement Every Week

To keep the gaming experience exciting, Evony consistently releases engaging events. The much-anticipated Lucky Raffle event is scheduled to kick off on December 1st. Players can access the event interface through Super Value Return – Lucky Raffle and boost their chances of winning by purchasing event packages. Each package provides Lucky Raffle Tickets, automatically entering players into the draw. The more tickets you possess, the higher your chances of winning.

As the total number of Lucky Raffle Tickets across all servers reaches specific thresholds, rare items are added to the prize pool, increasing the number of winners. When the event countdown concludes, winners will be selected, and their names, along with their respective prizes, will be announced and distributed via in-game mail.

Even if you don’t secure a win, there’s still something for everyone. Unsuccessful tickets will be converted into Participation Chests, ensuring that all participants benefit from the event.

Behind the Scenes with David Guo

Top Games Inc.’s CEO, David Guo, is a tech enthusiast with a passion for software, information, and their role in social interaction. Describing his drive, CEO Yaoqi Guo states, “From game theory, API design to UX development and creating complex algorithms, the way our lives are improved through these interacting information systems is what drives me.”

David values clarity and brevity, aiming to simplify complexity into user-friendly designs that deliver value. He holds a commitment to excellence, consistently reflecting and reviewing his experiences to enhance his work.

Innovations, Data Science, and Excellence

Emphasizing a player-first approach, David Guo leads Top Games Inc., which was founded in 2015 and has seen significant growth with over 200 million players worldwide and numerous successful mobile games. David Guo’s strategy incorporates data science to validate opinions and decision-making within the development team, ensuring a high-quality gaming experience. The company’s unique approach includes an “Explorations Bootcamp” for new employees, fostering creativity and innovation in game development.

Top Games Inc. is on a mission to bring enjoyable gaming experiences to players across the globe. With a steadfast commitment to prioritizing user satisfaction, TPI Gaming strives to create and deliver games that are not only entertaining but also resonate with audiences worldwide. The company’s dedication to a user-centric approach serves as the driving force behind its quest for excellence within the gaming industry, ensuring that every player’s enjoyment remains the focal point of TPI Gaming’s endeavors.


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