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How to obtain new Generals and Skin, Siren and Siren Island Castle in Evony?

Evony released various interesting Triumphal Celebration events on April 28th, which include Song of the Siren, Tone Poem of Voyager, Kingdom Collection, Victory Praise, Triumphal Parade, Share Gems, and so on. Participate in these events, and you will gain valuable new Generals, new General Skin, new Spiritual Beast, and new Castle Decoration. In this article, we will introduce these new things in detail and explain how to get them.
Join Triumphal Celebration events in Evony
Join Triumphal Celebration events in Evony

New Generals – Douglas and Eleanor

  1. Epic Historic General Douglas

Special Skill – Blessing of Siren

The increase

Evony Epic Historic General Douglas
Evony Epic Historic General Douglas

ranged troops’ attack by 25% when the General is leading the army to attack. Increases ranged troops and siege machines’ attack and defense by 15% when the General brings any dragon or Spiritual Beast to attack.

  1. The Epic Historic General Douglas can be obtained by purchasing event packages. There is also a chance to receive Epic Historic General Douglas from the 5th package tier
  1. Epic Historic General Eleanor

Special Skill – Great Captainess
Increases ranged troops’ attack and defense by 35% and March Size by 10% when the General is leading the army to attack.
Players can participate in the Victory Praise event during the Triumphal Celebration, and get Golden Laurel Leaves by gathering resources, killing monsters, and purchasing event packages. Use the leaves to recruit on the Victory Praise page, and you will get a chance of receiving General Eleanor.
Open the chest, and you will get General Eleanor or General Elise.

General Skin of Douglas – Odyssey

Douglas’s General Skin Odyssey can be acquired from Kingdom Collection Event Shop.
During the event, players can use Triumphal Silver Cups & Triumphal Gold Cups to redeem massive rewards and items in the shop.
Triumphal Silver Cups can be obtained from Resource Spots and Monsters, and Triumphal Gold Cups can be received from Triumphal Celebration Event Packages.
Use Odyssey – Douglas to activate the following attributes:
  • Marching Ranged Troop Attack +10%
  • Enemy Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Defense -20%

Spiritual Beast Siren

Spiritual Beast Siren can be unlocked by the Siren Trident.
During the Song of the Siren Event, players can kill Boss monsters and buy event packages to get Spiritual Beast Scales. You can redeem the Siren Trident with 400 scales. The Siren Trident can be used to unlock Spiritual Beast Siren.

Castle Decoration – Siren Island

Find the Triumphal Celebration in the Event Center, and enter the Kingdom Collection on the Triumphal Celebration page. And then you can check the details of the new castle Siren Island Abyssal.
The attributes of Siren Island – Abyssal
Own to activate: Enemy Ground Troop HP -15%
Use to activate:
  • Ground Troop Attack +25%
  • Enemy Troops HP -16%
  • Enemy Ground Troop Attack -16%
Players will be ranked according to the amount of Triumphal Marks they own. If you rank in the top 20, you will receive Siren Island (Permanent).
The Triumphal Mark can be obtained in many ways, such as by purchasing Basic Gems, gathering resources, producing and claiming resources, offering tributes, killing monsters, donating to Alliance, killing troops, consuming Gems and Blood of Ares, using Treasure Boxes, consuming Ruby Necklaces, consuming Excellent Dragon Coins, consuming Soul Crystal and Art Treasure Scrolls, and so on.


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