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Tips, Tricks, and Runes for Success in Revelation of Maya Event

The in Evony can be challenging, but with the right strategy and knowledge of , you can excel in the game. In this article, we will share valuable tips for clearing levels, achieving high scores, and utilizing Runes effectively.

Clear Levels Tips

  1. Don't occupy any and don't dispel the poisonous fog, as it will lose troops. While they do have scores, they are not cost-effective for players who want to clear levels.
  2. Clear the fog around as soon as possible and destroy it to avoid further troop damage.
  3. You only need to kill the Mayan High Priest on each level to advance to the next level, and no need to waste troops to kill the Mayan Warrior and Mayan Guard.

High Scores Tips

  1. My advice is that Triple Lines is a valuable card. If you haven't gotten the card after level 6, start over. It is better to get this buff card early and as many as you can, because the effects of this card can stack up to 1000%.
Triple Lines Buff Card
Triple Lines Buff Card


    1. Save up your and for the later stages. Make sure you have as many Healing and Recovery Runes as possible at levels 18, 19, and 20.
    2. The number of your remaining troops affects your final scores, so you need to heal and recover as many troops as you can in the level 20 stage before you kill the final Mayan High Priest.
    3. In addition to the Mayan High Priest, level 19 also has a large number of Mayan Guards. You have to kill as many of them as you can to get more scores.
    4. If you want 10k+ scores, you need to score at least 5,000 as soon as you enter level 20. Therefore, please kill all Mayan before level 19.
    5. 和Poisonwood Totem Tower. There are also scores for occupying buildings. If your buff is good and you don't need to worry about troop depletion, consider occupying Typhoon Totem Tower and Poisonwood Totem Tower.
    6. Under the situation of good basic attributes, you don't need to take too many attack buff cards, you can mainly take cards that increase Siege Machines' HP and Defense.
My Epic Buff of 10k+ Scores in Revelation of Maya
My Epic Buff of 10k+ Scores in Revelation of Maya

Runes in Revelation of Maya

Runes play a crucial role in the Revelation of Maya event. Here are some of the key Runes and their effects:

  1. (Junior, Medium, and Senior) – deal damage to the HP of Mayan Warriors, Guards, and High Priests, with the most damage dealt to Warriors and the least to High Priests.
  2. – allows players to select a target and teleport it to a randomly unlocked location.
  3. – allows players to select a target and unlock the locked status of fogs around it.
  4. Healing Runes (Junior, Medium, and Senior) – restore up to 60% of the maximum troop amount for a selected troop slot, depending on the level.
  5. Recovery Runes (Junior, Medium, and Senior) – restore up to 30% of the maximum troop amount for all troop slots, depending on the level.
  6. – revive troops by restoring 20% of its maximum troop amount for a troop slot with 0 troops, allowing it to battle again.
  7. (Junior, Medium, and Senior) – destroy a selected target directly, with the effects varying depending on the level and the target. Junior and Medium Justice Runes only apply to Mayan Warriors, while the Medium and Senior Justice Runes earn double Mayan Gold. However, the Senior Justice Rune is not valid for Mayan High Priests.
  8. (Junior, Medium, and Senior) – Mark the location of all Mayan Warriors, Mayan Guards, or buildings at this level, but they only mark locations and don't have any additional effects.
  9. – destroy all Poisonwood Totem Towers at this level directly, but they can only be used when there is at least one Poisonwood Totem Tower present.
  10. – increase all troops' attack, defense, and HP by 100% but only in the next battle.

Knowing when and how to use these Runes can greatly impact your success in the event. For example, using an Attack Rune before engaging in a significant battle can help you defeat the enemy quickly while using a Resurrection Rune after a brutal fight can help you recover lost troops.


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