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Mastering the Rules, Scoring, and Rewards in Revelation of Maya Event

The Revelation of Maya Event has been happening in Evony for some time now. This Event not only spices up the game but also offers a lot of rewards. After some trials and explorations, I tried to summarize the strategy for this Event. This article will focus on the Event Rules, Scoring, and Rewards to help you achieve success in the Revelation of Maya Event.

Rules in Revelation of Maya

The Event lasts for 7 days every time it is opened. You need to select Generals and Troops to dispel fog and defeat targets to enter the next level. There are 20 stages, and you can claim Revelation Chests when you complete specific levels. You will have up to 5 Troop Slots, and they cannot be changed once you save them unless reset to level 1. Generals’ basic attributes, Skills, Specialties, and Ascending attributes will take effect in stages. The General who needs a Dragon to activate corresponding Buffs still needs to equip a Dragon. But the Dragon’s attributes will not take effect.

Scoring Rules

During the event, defeating targets, completing levels, dispelling poisonous fogs, and finally surviving troop amounts will all affect the points gained. You can try to get higher Scores by resetting and starting again. If there are players with the same scores, the player who enters the event first ranks higher.


There are two types of Rewards in the Revelation of Maya Event: Ranking Rewards and Stage Rewards. Ranking Rewards are given to players who rank in the top 50, with the top 5 receiving Historic General Fragment (Caesar) and Mayan Gem/Art/Technology/War/Speedup/Resource Chest. Players who rank 6 to 50 will receive Mayan Gem/Art/Technology/War/Speedup/Resource Chest.

The Rewards in Revelation of Maya
The Rewards in Revelation of Maya


Stage Rewards can be claimed at Stages 5, 10, 17, 19, and 20. The rewards include Art Treasure Scroll Chest, Artwork Fragment Chest, Research Stone, 3-Hour Speedup for Training, and Runestone Chest. The higher the stage you pass, the greater the number of each reward.


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