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Exploring the World of EVONY with Top Games Inc. CEO, David Guo

The gaming industry has proven to be a beacon of light in the midst of a year filled with gloom and uncertainty. Despite the conflicts and global pandemic that plagued 2022, the gaming market saw a 2.1% YoY growth, thanks to the ever-expanding internet and mobile products. According to the World Bank and IWS, the number of global internet users increased to 5.386 billion by June 30, 2022, with expected continued growth in 2023. David Guo, CEO of Top Games Inc., is among the experts who believe in the potential of the gaming industry. In a recent interview, he expressed gratitude for the recognition received by EVONY, Top Games Inc.’s mobile strategy game that won the Best MMO Award on Samsung Store’s Best Award List in 2022. Guo attributed EVONY’s success to the hard work of the research and development team and the support of players worldwide.

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David Guo’s Perspective

David Guo has been dedicated to the gaming industry throughout his career. He is known for his unique blend of technical skills and passion for optimizing the user experience, and he has established himself as a leader in the industry. According to David Guo, the initial purpose of establishing Top Games Inc. was to create a war game that could truly bring a good gaming experience to users. He added that they hoped to incorporate more cultural elements into the game, which was a crazy idea, but if realized, it would bring more exploration and fun to the game.

EVONY: A Game You Need to Play

EVONY is a mobile strategy game that integrates seven ancient and mysterious civilizations for players to make more choices. It was a challenging task, but David Guo’s team succeeded. In addition, they added three interesting gameplay modes to the game, which include:

  1. Interesting Alliances Gameplay

EVONY is not just a one-man game, and it requires communication and coordination with players when they join alliances or establish their own. These alliances will then become a part of the game world, and players need to maintain their alliance’s interests, help members defend against outside enemies, and sometimes establish good relationships with friendly alliances. This makes the gameplay very interesting, especially when a former ally becomes your enemy.

  1. City-building and Growing Your Army

As a strategy mobile game, the main gameplay of EVONY is still to develop and build your own kingdom and enhance your own strength. Each civilization has different attributes, and players need to match their strategies and collect a large number of resources to build their kingdom. Each building has different functions and requires a large number of resources. Players should choose wisely.

Players can also train an army to be prepared for war. If you want, you can avoid wars, but if you want to plant your flag in certain areas and fight for world domination, then you can definitely


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