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David Guo’s Journey as a Software Developer and Game Evony Creator

David Guo is a senior software and game developer, excellent at network security, UX, game theory, and API design. He is the co-founder and CEO of Top Games Inc.(TPI), and the creator of Evony: The King’s Return, one of the most-hit mobile games. He and his partner, Benjamin Gifford, especially focused on the user experience during game development, with Evony gaining more than 60 million players.


David Guo attended the University of Sun Yat-sen starting around 1994, where he studied physics, though he was still fascinated by software development. Around this time, David created the famed Skynet firewall, with tens of millions of internet users protected by it. After graduation, he continued to work in the software development industry, successively developing MyIM, Digisocial, and Virtual Currency Exchange practical products, Later, David had the idea of creating games. David is a gamer who is passionate about games. However, during his gameplay, he noticed that many game companies do not prioritize the player’s gaming experience, which led to the idea of making a game that creates a real high-quality game experience. Soon after, he joined Top Game, responsible for all departments of TPI company and developing overall plans and directions for team game development projects.

Evony The King’s Return

Evony The King’s Return is a mobile MMO war strategy game that allows players to select a civilization, build a town and army, and fortify their defenses against enemy attacks. The game features a unique multi-civilization system that includes European, Chinese, Korean, American, Japanese, Russian, and Arabian civilizations, allowing players to choose their favorite and compete with others. The game also has a time-transcending system that allows players to recruit famous generals from different civilizations who existed in real histories, each with unique attributes and skills. The game uses a realistic style to restore the image of each civilization’s Monarch, Generals, buildings, and troops, allowing players to truly experience the unique features of each civilization.

Game Awards

Evony has won multiple game awards, including the NYX Silver Award, being ranked 5th in the Top Ten US-Headquartered list, and receiving the Best MMO award in the Samsung Galaxy Store’s 2022 awards. TPI company, the developer of Evony, was also honored as one of the Top 10 highest-grossing developers on both the AppStore and Google Play. In 2022, the worldwide net revenue of “Evony: The King’s Return” reached a staggering $385,751,902.


David Guo and Benjamin’s adherence to improving user experience in team management has been closely related to the honors and success achieved by the games mentioned above. David Guo also believes in the promising future of VR and sees that there will be major changes and innovations in the gaming market in the future, with the continuous development and technological advancement of games.


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