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David Guo’s Evony: The King’s Return Sets New Record for Top Games Inc.

Following an incredible slew of industry awards and rankings in 2022, global video game developer and publisher Top Games Inc set to make waves in 2023. The company’s flagship title, Evony: The King’s Return, enjoyed a phenomenal month in December 2022.

David Guo's Evony The King's Return Sets New Record for Top Games Inc

Designed for Android and iOS, Evony: The King’s Return is the latest addition to the Evony series, with earlier titles predominantly being browser-based. Set in medieval Europe, the game challenges players to solve complex puzzles, construct intricate cities, train troops, and expand their empires. Since its launch, Evony: The King’s Return has amassed a massive following.

Evony: The King’s Return – A Worldwide Sensation

Evony: The King’s Return has become Top Games’ most notable and celebrated release to date. With a rich array of features, players can access countless gaming strategies. In addition, the integration of real-time voice discussion and auto-translated text chat has contributed to the game’s enormous global appeal.

The game’s astounding success is evident in data from (formerly App Annie), the world’s first unified AI company specializing in intelligence solutions for app-focused businesses. Their figures reveal impressive achievements for Evony: The King’s Return heading into 2023:

  • 2nd overall top-grossing strategy game in the U.S. (December 2022)
  • 13th overall top-grossing company in the U.S. (December 2022)
  • 18th overall top-grossing app in the U.S. (December 2022)

These rankings encompass both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Consequently, Evony: The King’s Return has established itself as a record-breaker not only for Top Games Inc., but also among competitors in the video game development and publishing sectors. Based on the December 2022 data, Top Games Inc. has secured its position as a top-20-grossing app company, with The King’s Return ranking as the second highest-grossing title in its genre.

By the end of 2022, Evony: The King’s Return boasted the 18th position as the top-grossing app in the U.S. – surpassing millions of other applications, including numerous household names, on both the App Store and Google Play.

In Conclusion

Top Games Inc. and Evony: The King’s Return have achieved incredible milestones in 2022, setting the stage for an even more successful 2023. With such impressive results, it’s no surprise the gaming world eagerly anticipates Top Games Inc.’s next move.


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