David Guo Values Evony Interaction: Surprise Arrival of the Alliance Duel Event!

In the cutthroat world of mobile gaming, Evony has carved out a niche for itself as a top mid-core game. Last year, it seized the 5th spot among mid-core games in the US, a testament to its enduring allure. The mastermind behind this success, , has soared to the apex of the industry, becoming one of the highest-earning developers.


David Guo's Vision: The Shift to Mobile Gaming

In the mid-2010s, Top Games' CEO had a vision. He saw that video games were no longer chained to desktops; they were spreading their wings to mobile devices. Sensing this shift, Guo steered Top Games towards crafting a platform that would cater to this burgeoning demand.

Top Games' Platform: A Seamless and Immersive Experience

Top Games' platform was painstakingly designed to deliver lifelike images without any lag, offering a seamless and immersive gaming experience on mobile devices. This trailblazing approach, combined with top-notch graphics and smooth , distinguished Top Games in the mobile gaming market.

EVONY: A Testament to Quality and Innovation

Their flagship game, EVONY, is a shining example of this commitment to quality and innovation. With its engaging gameplay, stunning visuals, and seamless performance on mobile devices, EVONY struck a chord with gamers, propelling the game to breakout success.

David Guo: A Leader with a Passion for Gaming and User Experience

David Guo, a seasoned gamer himself, places immense importance on in the process. His passion for gaming, which began in his college days, eventually led him to co-found Top Games. Under his leadership, Top Games has amassed a user base of over 100 million and provides gaming experiences in more than 26 languages for players across 150 countries.

Evony's operations team also plays a pivotal role in fostering engagement. They regularly host engaging events that offer players the chance to win prizes, gifts, or new historical generals. These events not only enhance the gaming experience but also foster a sense of community among the players.

Alliance Duel Event

Recently, Evony launched the , a thrilling competition that runs from June 30th to July 27th. If you're part of an and have reached Keep Level 10, you can sign up and join the battle against other alliances. The Duel is a three-front battle, and the Alliance that wins the most fronts gets the glory and the . Plus, there are event quests throughout the season to earn Duel Coins, which you can exchange for exclusive rewards at the Alliance Duel Shop. The cherry on top? All participating alliances get tier rewards at the end of the season, with the top-tier alliance earning an exclusive . So, let's rally together, strategize, and show them our strength in unity!


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